i’m embarrassed to admit that i’m a second year grad student and i had to google what phosphomimetics are. 

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Sharing, because I love this photo from the photobooth at Kim’s wedding quite a lot.

Sometimes we are just too cute.


Wye Oak, known for its glorious guitar noise, trades it in for a synthesizer-driven sound.

Stream Shriek from NPR Music’s First Listen

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Stadium view room full-o-friends and G&Ts.

Perfect weekend (Sorry for stalking you so hard adventurerun)




In. Love. This just happened.

Don’t leave your phone on the table! #weddingkreischers #frankandclaire #madmen #madwomen @bearscanfly @bernkeekee @angrun4

I must have flowers, always, and always.

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Great things happen when we get together. Can’t wait to shower @kimlude with kisses at her wedding this weekend!! #tbt #bestfriends #kisses #kreischerwedding (#regram from @bearscanfly )